What Appleby Horse Fair means to gypsies

Appleby Horse Fair Must Still Go On Despite The Traveller Hate

Appleby Horse Fair and all the great people who love it and love attending it have been targeted lately by those clueless clowns in the media (mainly Daily Mail) and I’m here to tell you that you can blame those bastards who run racist and disgusting articles about our people and they keep getting away with it. So the best thing you can do is just keep calm and carry on coming to Appleby.

Appleby horse fair

Stuff the Media and Anyone Who Buys Their Lies

Appleby Horse Fair is still going ahead in early June and they can all bitch and moan about it but they can’t put a stop to our ancient traditions. How dare they even try to bother.

Over the last few months while I have taken the time off to tend to my other projects, I have witnessed the amount of crap that the charlatans in the press write about us travellers and it’s criminal how these horrible racists still get away with it.

Shut Your Pubs, Shut Whatever but We Are Still Coming to Appleby In 2024

Here are some of the nasty messages from the Daily Mail article aimed at us travellers:

Appleby horse fair
Appleby horse fair

The Solution?

Let’s all come to Apple Horse Fair in a few weeks time and let’s all just have one brilliant time and bring a friend and more family because Appleby is big enough for everyone. 

No amount of businesses closing or politicians moaning or even media smear campaigns will be enough to stop us from coming to the biggest and best annual gypsy horse fair in Europe, let alone the UK.

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