What is The Flashing Lane At Appleby Horse Fair?

Have you heard of the flashing lane at Appleby? Wondering what is the flashing lane at Appleby Horse Fair? Wonder no more as I’m about to tell you.

The Flashing lane at Appleby horse fair is a stretch of road where gypsies and travellers alike can show off their horse in style.

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Why Is it called the flashing lane?

The flashing lane at Appleby Horse Fair has been around for many years and it’s just a special stretch of road where all travellers and gypsies can show off their horses and flash them off in style to the watching public where you get to see these magnificent animals up close and personal. Just be careful of racing horses as it can be quite dangerous if you don’t get behind the watch posts.

The history behind it all

The Appleby flashing lane has been an iconic part of Appleby for the last twenty odd years.

All day long during the yearly fair held every June, horses and ponies – most pulling people in carts and wagons but some ridden bareback – race, trot and walk up and down the Flashing Lane which runs right the way through the middle of the fair.

Along with the washing of the horses in the Eden River, the Flashing Lane attracts tourists and the lane is lined with spectators attracted to the thrills of the horses being raced and put through their paces.

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What’s The Purpose Of The Flashing Lane?

However, the flashing lane has a very serious purpose and is pretty much an integral part of the traditions and culture of the Appleby Horse Fair – it is the shop window and testing run for the horse dealers – the sellers and buyers that have been coming in their droves to Appleby for centuries.

Whispers of the Fair (poem)

Will You Be Checking Out The Flashing Lane At Appleby Horse Fair In 2024?

So if you’re a lover of horses and maybe you even want to buy one, the flashing lane is the place to be to check out the horses before you try and buy one.

The flashing lane also known as the flash is the best place to be to look at the horses and enjoy them for what they are or basically to try before you buy. (Sort of). 

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