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Appleby Horse Fair’s Dedicated Campsite Approved

Someone is smiling down on us today as we just found out that new campsite has been approved to allow travellers to set up camp for us to enjoy Appleby Horse Fair.

Finally Appleby Horse Fair’s Dedicated Campsite Approved

Every year, thousands of Gypsies and travelers converge at the renowned Appleby Horse Fair, creating a vibrant spectacle that has endured for centuries. In response to the annual influx, plans have been greenlit by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority to establish a dedicated campsite at Scrogg Bank Field in Sedbergh, catering to 80 to 100 caravans.

The proposal, spearheaded by the Westmorland and Furness Council, aims to alleviate the challenges posed by ad hoc camping while providing a structured and sustainable solution for fair attendees. This initiative comes as a response to the long-standing tradition where Gypsies and travelers gather in Appleby every June for what is recognized as the largest gathering of its kind in Europe.

Scrogg Bank Field, a 1.45-hectare expanse situated approximately 1.5km from Sedbergh’s town center, has served as a temporary stopping point for over a decade. The move to formalize the site aims to curtail the practice of camping on highway verges, offering a designated space that respects both the tradition and the local community.

The decision to establish the campsite was informed by thorough planning documents and local input, with considerations made to ensure its sustainability and minimal impact on residential areas. According to planning officers, the site’s location strikes a balance between accessibility and distance from residential properties, safeguarding the residential amenity.

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To oversee the campsite’s operations and ensure a safe and clean environment, a comprehensive management plan has been outlined. Council and police officers will conduct regular inspections twice a day, while provisions such as skips and black bags will be provided for waste disposal. Additionally, council street cleaners will promptly clear any leftover debris within five days of travelers vacating the site.

In an effort to maintain order and adherence to the approved timeframe, the field will be secured with locks before and after the 21-day period designated for the fair. This measure aims to prevent early arrivals or overstays, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

By establishing a dedicated campsite, the authorities seek to foster a sense of community, promote responsible tourism, and preserve the cultural heritage of the Appleby Horse Fair. Through careful planning and collaboration, this initiative reflects a commitment to balance tradition with modernity, ensuring a positive experience for all involved.

Finally…This News Can Give All Some Peace Of Mind Especially If You Couldn’t Find A Spot

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