We Are Not The Official Appleby Fair Shop

We Are Not The Official Appleby Fair Shop

Well it’s just been pointed out to me that the chair of the MASCG (Multi Agency Strategic Co-ordination Group) with its council-run gang of organisers in Cumbria has warned the public (using very unfair and discriminatory language) about this website being NOT the official Appleby fair shop. You know why? Because there is none, and this has nothing to do with me or my independently run shop.


So let’s clear some of their rubbish up before I lodge a complaint against them.

Please Get Your Facts Straight!

So let me  make you aware of what this website is and isn’t, and how they have misunderstood me and my intentions with Appleby fair and the good people of the GRT. The same community I’m a part of whom inspired me to start this whole website to help my fellow community with FACTS, not outdated information that you tend to find on the web. 

We Are Not The Official Appleby Fair Shop And Don't Intend to Be!

The only reason you are hearing about this website is because I fell out with some very rude man called Bill Lloyd who I hear represents the travelling community but let me point this out to you all, he don’t represent me or my Roma community so he can’t or don’t speak for us. So therefore he didn’t like the fact that I blocked him on Facebook because he claims that some info is inaccurate and misleading, I have double checked and none of it’s misleading or inaccurate as I have researched all my articles and they are bullet proof and very accurate.

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Unlike your lies and false allegations on the council run website where you say the same, I’m glad you have published it because I have the proof I need as I have NEVER claimed to be the official Appleby Fair shop nor do I intend to be as all my work is my own and the work of my children. 
So thanks for trying to ruin a family-run business but it’s not going to work.

We will continue to provide helpful content to visitors/traveller community of Appleby Fair and we will continue to sell our home made printed goods. It’s not a crime to do so as you know as I’m not trying to govern or dictate how it’s run but as I’m part of it, I’m well within my rights to document it and share information about it. 

It would have been nice if you could’ve spoken with me to clear these things up but I guess all your intentions is just to try get people to boycott another business, it’s not going to work. 

Let’s show the world how treat small businesses with your smear campaign


Does this website fool people into thinking it’s the official website? No because this website has nothing to do with the organisers of the fair and has never claimed to be, ever. 
Does this website sell official Appleby merchandise or claim to do so? Nope. It never has done and never will do. This is a family owned and run business and anything we publish online is our own work. 
Is the information on this particular website INACCURATE and MISLEADING? No and there is zero proof to back this up, only bitter people’s worthless opinions who happen to try to dictate but got told swiftly to go away when trying to tell me how to run things.

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Is the MASCG article slanderous, and full of lies? Yes, very much so, and it will be in their best interest to have their article removed as it’s factually incorrect and downright clearly slanderous to my business and my intentions, which are honest and genuine. 
Will I work with the MASCG after this? Never. They have shown nothing but hate for me and my family business.

Will I apologise to the GRT community for what’s gone on? No, and why should I? For starting a business and going alone and having a couple of strangers tell me how to run things who then chose to run to the council and spread a load of rubbish about me and this site. Never! 


In future though, please get your facts straight because now you all have egg on your faces and you’re the ones who look like fools, not me.

It’s sad how you can’t even run a business as a sole trader in the UK without someone trying to trash you. Even the council and some of its members. 
Shame on you all!

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