Appleby Horse Fair History

We Will Livestream The Appleby Horse Fair In 2024!

At this year’s Appleby Horse Fair, we will be launching on the website Appleby LIVE, where we will be filming and streaming this awesome event live from the fair and directly to people in their homes in the UK and abroad.

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Appleby Live TV Launches In 2024

Thanks to one of our major sponsors, we plan to launch and stream Appleby Horse Fair live and share it with you guys via the LIVE page on this site. 


Not only that, but for anyone not being able to attend the Appleby Fair this year, don’t worry, we will share all the best bits live with our live cam and beam them live for you all to see.

We are fed up with not getting treated fairly or represented appropriately while at the fair, so with the world watching, they can be the judge of us and not some do-gooder.

So Is Applebly LIVE TV Going to Cost Anything?

No cost whatsoever. Absolutely free for the first year but this may change in due course. 

When Do You Go Live With Appleby LIVE TV?

From Thursday June 6th until Weds the 12th.

What Will Be Filmed At The Appleby Horse Fair Event?

How Will I Be Notified Of You Going LIVE?

Simple solution! Bookmark this website and sign up for our upcoming newsletter which i shall start rolling out next month. 

Can We Sponsor This LIVE Event With Ads?

Yes. Please contact me and let’s talk more in-depth about any media inquiries. Get in touch with us via the contact page.

Appleby Horse Fair 2024: Everything You Need To Know

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