MASCG website is down

MASCG Website Is Down

In todays latest news, the so called amazing MASCG website is down and not responding to anyone’s requests and in fact at one point, it even showed a warning for having an exponentially  out-of-date SSL certificate. They expect the public to take this website seriously. Hmmmm I beg to differ. Talk about unreliable and unprofessional to say the least.

MASCG website is down

Why is The MASCG website down?

Well beats me why the MASCG website belonging to West Morland Council is down and possibly out of commission for the time being. It could be down to a number of things and it could even be a security breach. 


Here are a few possible causes to why their problematic website could be down and not working and even showing warnings due to an out of date SSL certificate that should have been renewed but probably wasn’t due to the fact that they probably spent it on the councillors disgustingly high salaries. Did you know some of them even top £100k?

Possible Reasons Why Is Down

1. Website Got Hacked

Very unlikely given that the website don’t pose much of a likely target but given that it’s a Government website, it’s still very possible given the threats that the Governments receive on a daily basis by hackers. 

2. SSL Certificate Expired

When this happens it usually makes browsers such as Google and Chrome throw up warnings to people so if someone reports the website having warning then this sets up a huge failure in tech management and he then has to go renew it. Likely outcome to this whole fiasco.

3. Computer Virus Eating Their Machines

With a bit of luck it’s a computer virus that’s eating all the hardware so it can make my life easier and allow me to run my business without being labelled a scammer and a dodgy fake site by them. If it was a virus, do you honestly think I would lose any sleep over it. Perhaps if they had a better tech team or better website then it wouldn’t happen.

4. Their Website Imploded

Due to all the old and out dated information on their website, perhaps it helped to make their website implode? Who knows stranger things have happened now. Did they actually delete it because it’s that bad? It’s a shame coz I would have helped them if they just asked me nicely.

5. Too Many Errors

Final Thoughts

Whichever possible outcome, the MASCG website is down right now and someone needs to fix it as it’s clearly in need of some help. To think, this is the website owned by the same people who organises the Appleby horse fair  and don’t like to be criticised by the locals in the area.


Now the locals want answers as to why the website is down and can it be relied upon by members of the public any more? From what I’m seeing it’s a badly designed website that is poorly run with huge amount of errors and out of date certificate probably setting off this chain of events.

Update: MASCG Website Back Online

It’s been brought to my attention that their website is back online. 

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