Feedback Sought From Local Community

Feedback Sought From Local Community

So the MASCG plans to engage feedback sought from local community members in Appleby-in-Westmorland, but will they listen all this time?? Here are my thoughts on why they need public help organising this annual event.

Understanding Appleby Horse Fair

Appleby Horse Fair stands as an emblem of tradition, drawing locals and tourists alike to witness the unique cultural event. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Cumbria, England, this centuries-old fair is a vibrant celebration of equine culture, attracting horse enthusiasts from around the globe. 

What Appleby Horse Fair means to gypsies

Importance of Community Feedback

At the heart of the Appleby Horse Fair strategies lies the essence of community engagement. Soliciting feedback from the local populace and stakeholders is paramount to the success and sustainability of the fair. By actively involving the community, we not only foster a sense of ownership but also ensure that the strategies implemented align with the aspirations and concerns of those directly affected.

My Approach to Community Feedback

1. Open Forums

2. Online Surveys

In today’s digital age, harnessing the power of online surveys proves instrumental in reaching a wider audience. Through meticulously crafted questionnaires, we aim to capture diverse viewpoints and preferences, thus enriching our understanding of community sentiments.

3. Focus Groups

Deploying focus groups allows for in-depth discussions on specific aspects of the fair. By convening small, representative cohorts, we delve into nuanced issues and explore potential solutions collaboratively.

Analyzing Feedback Data

Once feedback is collected through various channels, we meticulously analyze the data to distill key trends, concerns, and suggestions. Employing advanced analytics tools enables us to unearth actionable insights, guiding the formulation of informed strategies.

Feedback Sought From Local Community

Implementing Community-Centric Strategies

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of community feedback, we embark on crafting strategies that prioritize inclusivity, safety, and sustainability. Our approach emphasizes the following:

1. Enhanced Safety Measures

Safety remains paramount at Appleby Horse Fair. Building upon community feedback, we institute robust safety protocols and infrastructure enhancements to ensure a secure environment for all attendees.

2. Cultural Preservation

Respecting and preserving the rich cultural heritage embedded within the fair is of utmost importance. A constant line of communication with the traveller community should be always open to everyone, not just a hand-selected couple of people.

3. Environmental Stewardship

Acknowledging our responsibility towards the environment, we institute eco-friendly practices aimed at minimizing the fair’s ecological footprint. From waste management initiatives to promoting sustainable transportation options, we strive to uphold environmental stewardship principles.

4. Anonymous Feedback

5. Telephone/Email Survey

For anyone who can’t make the drop-ins, there should be an option for disabled locals and anyone who can’t make it due to work commitments or an engagement of some sort. This option would be perfect for them.

Feedback Sought From Local Community

My Final Thoughts..on Feedback Sought From Local Community

In my humble opinion, if the folks at MASCG want feedback sought from local community with causing a mutiny, they should start listening to the residents of Appleby-in-Westmorland more and perhaps then they will get somewhere. 


If there is total and utter clarity, communication on both sides, and unity, Appleby horse fair will be a massive success.

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