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Have You Been To Appleby Horse Fair Shop Yet?

Looking for Appleby Horse Fair merch? Want to wear something cool this summer at the best gypsy horse fair in the UK? Well, Appleby Horse Fair Shop has it all for you and then some as we are stocked with the best products.

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Appleby Horse Fair Shop Is Unique

When i first started this website it was to open a shop of some sort but then to my utter surprise I got to bag a better name than Appleby Horse Fair Shop and began trading.

It wasn’t long before the organisers started to spread lies and fake stories and even the media chirped up but I don’t care about none of you. You don’t speak for me or this site.


They are just unhappy that they didn’t get there first to own such a great website name and run a shop that made them money. I am just stoked that, as a gypsy myself, they don’t represent me or my family run business.

We are The Only Unofficial Appleby Shop Out There in 2024

Some of The Organisers Want Us Closed Down WHY?

Simply because they wanted a slice of the pie and got jealous of my success, and now even want to try to dictate how this business is run. I don’t think so. They had their chance a few years back when they formed a private limited company and wanted to work with the council to make a profit from the fair. That soon fell on deaf ears.

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Final Thoughts

So needless to say, if you want the best Appleby related merch, check out our Appleby Horse Fair Shop and see if you like some of our wicked designs.


All our products are original and they will be shipped to you by our third-party provider.


See you at the fair!

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