New YouTube channel just launched

New YouTube Channel Just Launched

Just to let the whole world know that recently we did something amazing. Our New YouTube channel just launched, and we will have tons of weekly content to share with you about the Appleby Horse Fair and our Romany culture.

You can find it by just typing in this name in the search bar on YouTube: @RomaniGypsy. Look forward to great Appleby Horse Fair videos, and come meet our Romany family.

New YouTube channel just launched

Have You Subscribed to Us Yet?

We can’t wait to share all things Appleby Horse Fair and all other stuff with you relating to this site and our culture and way of life on the new YouTube channel. Why? because we plan to take over YouTube and TikTok with our Appleby Horse Fair videos.

Why Has This New YouTube Just Launched?

It’s time to promote our Appleby Horse Fair and bring more people to it because it’s an amazing experience that everyone should get to see, even if it’s just via our YouTube channel where we plan to live stream from at this year’s fair live and direct.

Other Stuff Will We Be Publishing?

When Are You Going To Start Uploading?

We will start uploading this week and then see how it plays out before we fix a specific set days for uploads to be scheduled for your viewing pleasure.

Why I Love Appleby Horse Fair

Final Thoughts

Get to learn all about us on our new New YouTube channel just launched where we look forward to entertain and educate everyone with our GRT videos.


Just because some of the community has shunned this website, it won’t make a dent in the grand scheme of things when you all realise how invaluable my site and the power it will hold will defeat any subjective, narrow minded folk who believe the half truths of a few insignificant individuals in my life.

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